Friday, September 12




Happy Birthday to MOM  and Angeline tomorrow !

Going to tighten braces tomorrow! No more nice food to eat.. Whole jaws should be aching like shit.
I don't know how to draw bodies ah wtf.
The clothings also so hard booo.
Just draw faces too sien liao lol.
But I should study ._.
Having 2nd trials still so free go draw draw draw.
FOCUS LAH !! >_>

I always have the feeling that time's being waste.
I never use my time properly ._.
Say byebye to time ._.

I should just go....
who am i kidding? sigh..

Relationships between people are just so complicated. Waiii...?
Can't they be simpler?
Causing so much fuss around people.
I feel like being alone sometimes ._.
At least there's peace ._.


John Darko said...

hi there...came across your site through

i must say, you have a wonderful website. the photos are so beautiful!

interested in trading links?

keep up the good work + ciao!

Irtiza said...

i totally digg this pic.
LIFE IS NOT DEAD... it just didnt start yet

take care

Bug said...

Here via BE, your layout is so freakin' cute! :-)