Sunday, September 7




... SO FAST?!

PMR isn't over yet..already planning the holidays?!
But.. there's no more Italy.. BeiJing..Turkey o.O.. Egypt.. Or anywhere other than Malaysia this year ...

... Matta Fair ends today!
Sad lah aduh. Didn't even go to Matta Fair ._.
This year should be just cuti-cuti Malaysia.
Then save the money up for more exp places next year :X
Cut all the happy talking of going what countries lah T_T
Only Malaysia, must be bangga of Malaysia ok! :X
Malaysia BOLEH !!
omg i sound lame ;x

Okok, since I cannot go traveling to other countries this year... heh...
Any nice place with wonderful delicious food, nice scenery, fresh air and ( that feels like other country ) ? LOL.
Yeah, was thinking of going around Malaysia, leave my pretty footprints on Mount Kinabalu ( what? I like climbing here and there ok :P like monkey wtf. ) , then eat Melaka's Chicken Rice ( but eat before already ._. ), Durian Cendol, Durian dodol etc.. then go Penang's Snake Temple (Srsly, I didn't step foot there before! )...Penang's Laksa? Cendol? Hehehe.. (Feeling hungry already wtf :3)

Or go Kelantan to see Wau ! Wow ! Lol.
Or...go Sarawak see Kuching's kuching.. Aiyah..all need KaCheng only mah :P (Oh oh, and petrol ;D )
Beach also not bad..can go snorkeling..See the pretty fishes, maybe I'll meet Nemo! ._.

Hmmm..Cameron Highlands.. My bro didn't been there before.. Maybe he did lah.. He's in my mother's womb that time :P So thinking of going there too! Breathe the fresh air..Smell the tea scent *ahh~*


Recommend any place that you think is interesting in Malaysia please? :D

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