Wednesday, September 17

Monkey Stalker.


Life's as usual.
It's a holiday today!
Well, only for Selangor schools la.

Nothing so happening in my life.
Usually Monkeys appear ._.
And steals people's Gardenia bread and left them on rooftops after eating.
So evil ok >_>

Damn sneaky right!
Tsk tsk tsk!
Monkeys are appearing once in a while here.
Sigh, it's because us humans stay in this hill.
No where to stay on better land go stay on hilltop.
So boh liao :X

Should go! Ciao :)


Xjion89 said...

monkey!!!! OOO, btw, congrat for ur piano test(^^).

theroyalspeaker- aldwin said...

yeah sure! :D

how did you know my name anyway? lol.

uhm, link you as sheepy okay?

take care gorgeous lady! :D