Monday, September 8

Monday Blues.


Ahhh ~ There goes the new week.. Monday Monday Monday.. Oh the Monday blues :( The skies today are blueeeee also :D I love looking at the blue blue sky and fluffy clouds :) Aren't they just so peaceful looking and cute? 8D They soothe out my complicated and disturbing thoughts whenever I look at them.

Went for a walk with my mom. The sky was blue and was different than usual :O The weather was just so nice compared with the day before and the day before yesterday.. It was just raining all day.. Moody feeling :/

Enjoyed looking at the sky and clouds with my head up (neck pain) *ouch*. Too bad the camera isn't with me that time. Only can use mom's mobile phone to snap the pretty sky :) Wondering one day, where I can lay in the middle of the field, evening and night, enjoy looking at the sky...

Ever set 100 things to do in your to-do list in your lifetime? I think it isn't a bad idea. Setting small and big dreams to achieve. We'll have different dreams and goal at different age, write them down on a paper and try to achieve them. You'll be surprise what you've done all way long :)

Wthell, all these weird thoughts suddenly came by lol. Maybe I'll express myself better using Chinese block letters xD I still think my Chinese is better than English :X As you know..too much broken English due to the influence of Manglish :P

I think should just go for some tuition lah. Really hope to go one but always get rejected by mom .__. Maybe I should just force myself to do more workbooks .___. Which I think I won't :)

Edited the colors :) I srsly love the sky :)

Taken by Nokia 6300 only D: Quality ain't that good, sigh.. (Original)

Pretty right? :)

Seeee 8D

That's why I sad the sky was blue and it was sooo preeety ! xD

All the pictures was taken around my neighbourhood on Sunday :) (Except the Big Ben one lah) And mostly you can see is the same picture but colours edited :P Was playing with the colorsss wooots ! Enjoy !
Go London to take it if you want :P

Will reply tags tomorrow! ;)

GOOD LUCK TO UPSR EXAMINEES ! and also SPM Trials examinees ! Heh !

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nice pictures...faaaaarrrr away from me