Wednesday, September 3



Late Merdeka here. Lol.
Celebrate Merdeka by going shopping and bought a pair of new shoes and a jacket! :D
The last pair of it T_T Wanted to buy the white one when I saw it the first time -.-
But due to...too many shoes, didn't buy the first time and now the last pair !!
Sadly, it isn't white ._.

UPSR is on next Tuesday! Good luck people!
And PMR is *dontknowhowmanydays* later.
Should just buckle up and start revising.
Enjoy my last year of coloring objective answers. :D
Enjoy my last year of using lower standards Chinese in essays.
Enjoy my last year in lower secondary.
Enjoy my last year.. in my school? (I srsly don't know)
Enjoy my last year with my *ahem* beloved friends. Lol.
Enjoy my last year with my beloved braces also.
Enjoy my last year....

WTHELL.. I sound like I'm gonna die very soon.

After receiving the PMR timetable, and knowing that the exam on Friday (which is the last day) ends at 9.30 am, I'm supa dupa happpy! Lol.
Feels like..going for an outing full of fooooooood 8D
It'll be a relief after all the tension during PMR with all the food 8D

I think should end this post with a hiao look LOL!

Hiao po T_____T

Hiao pic must put smaller wtf lol.
Like some random ppl in fs :X
Too bored until go try this pose ._. My fingers look so cacat wtf.

Will reply tags..
heh! :)

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