Sunday, September 28



Holidays started! Wooooo!
But cannot enjoy wth.
Need study, no more slumbering blabla.
Who cares :O

Balik kampung~
Yeah, how I hope I can.
I don't wanna stay at home and study T.T
Studying is so friggin bored lor!
Studying something I like is okay, but for something I don't like...
Better take my life off ._.

I've been lazy whole day.
Whole year.
And maybe my fifteen years of life ._.

I miss my mom. :(
She's been to China for like SIX DAYS till now.
SIX friggin days!!! T.T

Four more days to go...
Can't wait to see her ._.

Bro's sick again.
My throat ain't feeling well.
Thanks to the haze.

It's so noisy here.
Construction going on.
Only a house away wth.

Maybe it's meant to be.
Even they don't want me to study.
I should just bang my head on the wall. :/

I wanted to revise Sejarah but...
I ended up drawing something and coloring something that I saw on web! 8D
The one I drew is not as leng zai as the real picture. Well duh :)
Anyway, I still like it :)

This very sheep, is mine.

My trademark.
Ah wth, stupid sheep as trademark =="
I'm Aries so who cares :)

This is the one I was talking about :)

You should know who is it if you look clearly loool.
I didn't drew him with specs on.
I don't like him in specs lol.
Looks nerd and stuff. eww.

And yes. We all really do know one. I hope the person know who he/she is :)

Isn't it obvious? :)

So many tags to reply ._.
Sigh, tomorrow bah ! :)


aldwin said...

yes hi! Hehe....

I have TAGGED you!

Hope you will tagg me too.

uhm, i know this is new to you. so please read this article about this TAGGED CAMPAIGN. :D]

Aldwin said...

thanks for adding! :D

2 blogs? it's not impossible to a freak like me! lol.

uhm, my other blog has been diabled by Google. So, I made another blog to earn again.Hehehe...

that's it. :D

Anyway, is it okay if i'm gonna use your pics on my blogpost?'s still a suprise what am gonna do with those. But you can count on me that its a good thing! :D

Nyok! Take care pretty sheepy!