Thursday, September 4



Rainy rainy day.
Donchu just love the smell after the rain ? :D
It makes everything just so refreshing, so new, so alive...

But sometimes raining at the wrong time doesn't seem good ._.
Rained after school till now ._.
Walking in the rain alone in a big crowd feels... Free and...Light..

Friends seem so close..yet so far..
Maybe I just don't understand.
Oh wait.. I don't even understand myself yet.
Exploring, searching my inner self for 15 years..and still lost.
Ahh, what a failure.

wtf hiccups. damn. having like a thousand times of hiccups ugh.
irritating lah. someone come and frighten or scare me now pls.
hiccups are stupid....!! *hiccup* AHHHH.

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