Saturday, September 13

Zhong Qiu Wan Hui :)


Bluey bluey skies...
Ok lah no such word xD
Today's mom birthday! :D
Went to Sunway and shopped with mom !
Bought clothes in Treats cos birthday "girl" got 30% discount! 8D

Used up almost 800 bucks wtf.
Aiyah, only once a while mah, summore birthday leh xD
Her birthday present xD
But I tumpang 3 clothes there also lah :P

Bought cake on the way back from Sunway at Secret Recipe! 8D
Marble Cheesecake was superdupercreamyandyummylicious :9

Then went to some Mooncake Festival Party with parents and eat! :P
The performance that night was ok lor.. Ain't bad and better than last year lol.
The food also better than last year xD

On the way out! *bro snapped this :O*

On the way walking to the park!

Uncountable air planes passed by ._.


The mixture of Blue and Orange :D

Little orangey spot :D

Camera went dead after reaching the park wtf.
Shouldn't had take stupid lame sky photos -.-

Walked around then eat.
Then walk back home..
Was very tired after all the shopping in Sunway :D

Celebrated mom's birthday at almost 12am -.-
Dad and bro still enjoying the festival's atmosphere in the park :)
Sadly didn't win the lucky draw -.-

There goes the night! :D

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