Tuesday, September 9

Shallow Thoughts.


Ahhh wtf. Accidentally closed the whole thing then my whole post went POOF ! Argggghh !!

*Yawn... :O* Really tired today.. Barely listen and do homework that teacher given.  But still, forced myself to finish them :) My eyelids felt so heavy, head felt giddy.. Keep on fishing in class xD Wonder why so tired -.- Studied too much lah I guess :P

The weather is good again today ! No more raining ;) And very windy too ~ Enjoyed the breeze at my seat when the wind is blowing in from the back door of the class. It's nice to sit at the back :X Big space, nobody blocking at the back.. But sadly, can't listen clearly to what teacher's talking in front :/ and there's people keep talking beside my ears ahhhh .__. Later she kill me :P

Oh yeah, was chosen for the Sekolah Berasrama Penuh thing! Anyone agree that I'll go to that school ? My dad sure did :/ "Learn to be independent lah! We'll fetch you back on Friday night one, don't miss us :/ .. Go there lah! Easy to apply scholarship to study overseas next time!" But srsly, I don't think so lor! Where got so easy let you get one?! You tell me lah -.-

Friends keep scaring me that there's "friends" in the Asramas wtf.  At night when you sleeping you can hear "people" breathing beside you or something on top of you T.T So evil lah them. Bring my horror story books there and read at night sure very syok one !! XD XD

*crap* When looking at the form, I see why we still need to write what races are we ? ._. Do we need to write that we're Beijing people, Gui Ling people, Sze Chuan people in China ? o.o Still China people rite ? ._. We're just Malaysians lah .___. Well, the form clearly classified all the races, there's even bumiputera Sabah and Sarawak ._. More complicated as I thought.. Well maybe it supposed to be complicated in this multiracial country -.- My thoughts are just too simple and shallow pfft. *crap done*

Having 2nd Trials next next week! Aduh~ Exams exams exams.. Is that what school life are for? I think I'm immune to the word "EXAM" already. A feeling that I don't want to care.. BUT I STILL HAVE TO ! Argggh.Great news is..there should be some trips organized by school counseling centre! Weeeee ~ I WILL GO !! Can't wait lahhhh >__>

How I miss my UPSR ! Hah :P Oklah, maybe PMR really no big deal and as easy as ABC. But STILL need to take it seriously right? and also should enjoy it too? Not many more objective paper in SPM ._. Oklah, thinking to far already.. Should just bury my head in the bigggg piless of reference books and text books! *headache*

Heard "rumours" that they are having hari terbuka on Thursday ?  Aiyah, parents also know about the bad results already lah ._. but still die die die

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