Wednesday, September 10



Slept in class and crap a lot about places to go in Malaysia. But sadly, Malaysia don't have that much places to go! UNTIL... I reached home and found brochures of various places for vacation in Malaysia!

And then happened some stuff in school -.- Form 1 got people want become dai ka jie then... I just stand there and watch friends lah lol. All these complicated stuff i won't understand de lah lol.

Hari terbuka is confirmed tomorrow .__. I think my parents doesn't wanna go lol. THEY BELIEVE IN ME! Weee ~ yea rite........


Bahhh ! I want all of them .__.
I want Ipod.. I want camera.. I want new phone..
Wth lah, so young still cannot earn money want this want that..
RM 1000 for straight A's doesn't seem enough now .___.
Maybe I should just choose either one .___.

I hate to choose lah.
Choosing is hard..
But then.. After choosing the one you like most..
You will appreciate it more right?

Same goes to the person.
Among so many person to choose.
You chose him/her. And him/her chose you.
Both will appreciate each other.

If one chose another among so many people, but the other had to chose you out of no choice..
I think it wouldn't last long .__.

Mom told me that :D
Well, cannot deny.. Quiet true.. or maybe it's true lah lol.

Gotta ciao! :)
Tags tomorrow :P

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