Friday, September 19



Slept 12 am yesterday just because to watch one stupid show with stupid ending wtf.
Really "kek sei" myself -.-

Lucky no headache today as the 2nd trials start.
Chinese paper 2 for today. Crapped hell lots. Can't really think of anything to write.
But still need to crap. How sad right!

I even went to find new Chinese vocabulary for my essay -.-
And wrote them like how we Chinese students do during primary school -.-
Damn lame ok! =="
But I did used the words I practiced :O

Anyway, I did something very wrong today again.
Very . . very. . . wrong.
Oh well, I hope I don't get caught ._.
( No, I didn't steal anything from a shop -.-)

dad / me
" Teressa Kok is released. "
" ... so? "
" *chuckles* what? 'So' cannot meh o.o? "
" *laughs* .. so ah... so .. so what? " -.-

Stupid convo between dad and me =____=;

I should study already!
I think...
Aiyah crap lah.
I won't study till the last minute -.-
Sometimes I just wish that I had tuition.
Or.. I wish that I won't be so lazy -.-

tags later =x

* I miss the beach. I the beach.


Xjion89 said...

jiayou for ur papers(^^)

xniquet said...

i love that pic, where is that ?

theroyalspeaker- aldwin said...

have added you sheepy! :D

Nice shot! Love it...

is this taken by you?


Visiting you from philippines. Lol.