Wednesday, September 24

2 down, 1 more big one to go!


I'm BACK ! Muahaha. Missed me? lolwtf. I know no one does, sigh, so sad :P
Anyway, 2nd trials is overrrr! What a relief! But, keep the little relief and bite your lips till the very end and bleed!! Crapping here -.-
The big fat giant enemy is coming in two weeks time! *gasp.

Hohoho! PMR is coming to town.
Feel excited? Feel the joy?
This is lame.
I can't wait for it to end ugh.

I crammed History for the whole night! Shits.
I actually read the whole form 1 to form 3 yesterday night -.-
To be exact, I think should be... "Watch" ._.
Surprisingly, when I mark my paper with my friend's answer ( SHE DID THE EXACTLY SAME PAPER BEFORE AND MAYBE SCORING 100% FOR IT!! RAWRRRR!! ) , I did only 4 mistakes in form 1 ._.
It's an achievement ok, lol. I normally die in form 1 -.-
But the answers also mostly tembak lah zzz.

After exams, results are coming sooon T.T
Omg, I can't bare to face them T.T

Chatted with cousin sis, her birthday is coming soon.
Sadly can't celebrate with her lah T.T
All of cousins going back hometown during this Hari Raya to celebrate with her whereas me, staying at home, catching flies, stuff my big head in the stacks of books. So damn friggin sad ok!
Just because of one exam -.-

But then, I THINK after PMR there will be loads of programs and activities going on!
Omg, talking about going out straight after the last day of PMR, we are allowed to go back early right? Oh plssss lol
Going on a food trip thing, going Genting with cousins, going beach with cousins also...
Ok lah, this is what I talked with my cousin lah, not sure also T.T

And and, school's having school trip also!
Omg, can't wait T.T !!

Haven't even start the exam get so excited pulak.
Back to reality lah, study lah, work hard lah, lah lah lah... Adui.

The new TVB drama seems very nice lor!
Omg, I wannnnaaaa watchhh!!

And Evelyn, if you reading this, GO YOUTUBE wtf.
If you wanna watch Kinship 2 !
Damn sad ok! T.T

How much is a DSLR? T.T
What normal camera have the same functions as DSLR? LOL
Maybe there's no such camera -.-


You tell me :)

I'm sorry people, too lazy to reply tags.
Won't mind right? :)


Irtiza said...

aawwwwwwwww...dont be sad. i think i missed you...

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leaving a footprint! (~w^)

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