Wednesday, January 21


What a title.
Kinda skipped PBSMM thing today.
Not going for checkpoint = Going to run for merentas desa
Will be fun right?
Moreover it's on Valentine's Day lol.

Laughed hell lots in class -_-
Reason (?) No reason, just .. laugh ...
Until it's too tired to laugh -_-

I know this will happen.
My worst nightmare !!!
Not really lah .. lol.
More in my cousin's blog -.-
HERE -.-

I was so dumb that I don't even know how to do a peace sign -.-
So, it's obvious that which is me -.-

I can't believe I looked so .. .. .... *I have no words to describe it -.-*

I hope it won't rain during Chinese New Year as it's raining in the afternoon nowadays.
Not good.

Gotta continue with my stuff.

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