Saturday, January 10

Please mind your quality humans.

Bought a new pencil case, :D
At least it's bigger and BIG enough to stuff all my rubbish in it :)

Just done my braces and I think I can soon take it off before my birthday!
Next appointment on Valentines Day mind you.
Friends actually are used to my braces and thought I wasn't wearing them -.-
Means I take off also no difference lor :(
Not prettier lor :( LOL XDDD

And dad mentioned that he wouldn't put password for the computer already! :D
But we have to use it WISELY lol.

Why do I keep mis-taking my mouse and my phone?
Phone attracts people's hands ar?
There may be Chemistry/Physics beyond it LOL.

Things are getting wayyyyyy complicated.
Making a choice is hard.
But why care, when I'm the one making the choice :x
It's selfish, VERY SELFISH. but it's reality.
Why let people choose you, when you have the power to choose others :x
I'm evil :)

Oh ya! Chinese New Year is coming soon.
Don't forget to fasten your seat belt :)
Humans waiting around the corner to SAMAN you ! XD


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JoJo said...

The cactus is awesome! I borrow ur pic and share with my firneds XD