Monday, January 26

Kampung Sg Petani.

Me & Jer Xi. (today)
Today is the dayyy!
The day where you can wear new clothes
The day where you will receive angpao
The day where everybody will be vegetarian for at least half a day
The day where everybody will greet each other

Random crap la, hahaha.
It's kinda boring here when cousins aren't around.
They'll be here soon... this afternoon I guess.
Then we gambleeeee! Muahahhaha!!

Not much angpao I receive now.
Don't think going anywhere to bai nian.
Economy not good lol.
Anyway .. I think I should finish this quick.

Jer Min and Jer Xi :)


The photos below are taken on Saturday ..

Took loads of random photos in the car on the way back to kampung.
Imagine .. from 10am to 5pm !!
In the car...
So we have nothing to do but to take photos!! :D:D
There's more .. but just post a few of them first :D

Not ready -.-

Not ready again -.-

And peace yo! LOL. I don't know why my bro looks kinda ..
girl-ish here but never mind .. he's still small xD

btw, there's 2 car accidents on the way when we're coming back.

This is only of it. The others I don't care liao la ;x
drive carefully okayy.
Don't forget the damn seatbelts !!
I hate wearing seatbelts at the back .. So uncomfortable -.-
But, 300 bucks .. you pay for me? xD

Feel sick now.
Throat something wrong. Oh wtvs.
Byeeeee! :D :D

PS: didn't bother to edit the color. so.. bear with the not so nice colour photos ;D

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