Thursday, January 15


Yea, sorry for the stupid title.
From now on, whatever I see with my eyes, I'll just name it as my title :)

I suddenly felt like dancing, but I don't know how ...
Not the ballet kind, it's too graceful and elegant, totally not my thing ...
But who am I kidding, the only thing that I managed to learn for a long time,

I used to be kinda rebellious when I was standard 4 I think.
Or maybe I still am now. Just a little more wise kind of rebel.
Haha, countless bad stuff I did pass through my mind.
Looks can really deceive people, most people think of me as a good and quiet girl LOL!!
But I'm totally the opposite of it lorr! Okay lah, maybe not that bad ..
I just like to have fun! =x A good way of fun -.-

Aiyah, random topics.
I want to learn a lot of things.
Mastering them is a another thing.
Jeez. Crap.

Tomorrow is the Calligraphy contest.
Like last year, just a bit earlier.
Held at Klang Parade.

I srsly need a new brush, better one ..
The lucky brush I used is already sooooo cacat weh !! :( :(
It's like the FIRST brush I ever used when we start writing calligraphy since primary school.
Anybody remember when we started it?
I used it till secondary school.
It's from my dad, bought in Japan.

Another week or so,
It's Chinese New Year ..

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