Wednesday, January 7


Okay, I just feel like crapping here. :D Some stress talking kinda inspired me or something, maybe it didn't but I feel so lah okay. Until you reach that level you'll just ignore it, I really do think it's a very high level -.- It's hard to like annoy everything lor!


Various girls groupies in class.
All sorted by last year classes.
Well, cannot blame anyone, 3 years of friendship ._.
Should give some time for the class to be ... more together lol.
Althou I miss last year class, but we have to look forward right ?
I still feel it's hard for some reason.. Hope something will prove me wrong :)

I should start to plan my time now.
I SHOULD, but I don't think it's possible :P
I found out that I release my stress by eating lol.
But snacks aren't healthy :( But I like :( How :(

Should I take Economics? :/
Or maybe it isn't that easy ..
I just hope I can score in all my subjects -.-
Althou I haven't start making any effort yet lol.

I can't really concentrate in class because of a very stupid reason.
I should bear with it.

Like whataaaaaaaaaa!
Nobody will understand this feeling except some of the people :(
I really hope to finish tha SPM and graduate high school :/
2 more yearsssss! *inserts unknown emoticon* fullstop

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