Saturday, January 10

Cameron Highlands Trip! :D (part 2)

Flowers, Tea, Christmas Dinner and Waterfall.
Figure them out yourself.
I'm lazy to talk any more about Cameron.
Having major sickness..

Over exposure, but I somehow like it :)

White flower ._.

This is somehow obscene.
But there are LOTS of them in the cactus farm.

It has 2 eyes. (if you get what I mean)

Me with flowers -.-

It gives me a pure and calm feeling ...

Purple flower

Busy bee.



Christmas night.
Ate hotel buffet.
Sat outside.
Wind blew.

Random fly actually dropped into my drink!
I like the effect thou :P



Back to room,

Me cuter right ;P

Early morning view from balcony.

Equatorial hotel path


Before going down.

On the way going up lol.

On top ! Nice? :)

People climbing up, or perhaps it's walking -.-

Old house.

plus creepy tree.

Tea Factory.


Sky 2.


'Ummph!' expression on my face -.-
It was candid.



Orang Asli's home.

Dropped by Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar's waterfall on the way back.
And took photos AGAIN.

Lonely man lol.

I love this photo the MOST!

Many of them flying around on the ground -.-
So hard to focus on them -.-

Lastly, the waterfall.

It was a very dizzy car ride back.
Almost wanted to puke! Thank Guan Yin Ma there's this waterfall beside the road.
After resting, it's time to head back KL.
That's all.
The End.

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lolizzie said...

woww :) gorgeous photos :D