Wednesday, January 14

Thinking of a title is hard.

.. Very hard.
Okay, continue with life.
I've not been updating stuff much these days ..
And uniques went down the slope! Wee.

*each paragraph means different topic okay..
*This post is very .. messy :P

Vivian's changing school, like .. tomorrow?
Sigh, another math genius in class gone :(

Laughed a lot in class, I think :P
Add Maths was okay since I have tuition for it.
Physics no idea. Stopped tuition, I'm on my own now.
Chemistry, Bio .. Okay la.

Accounts big problem -.-
I don't know the format you see.
Maybe should change tuition teacher ._.

And and, many unexpected stuff happened =="
I have many jobs to do. Secretary isn't fun ...
Treasurer is hard, although I know just collecting money la.
I know it's only 2 jobs lah, but still .. sigh ...
Next year leh (?) Adoi.

I found out that my hair is brown-ish under the sun, especially my fringe !!
Just like I've dyed it woooooots :D I can't stop looking at them lol.
I love love love the colour :)

I love love love dark chocolate :9
I used to like milk chocolate but the taste isn't strong enough :o
So, dark chocolate is my current fav!

I like eating snacks while I'm doing homeworks too!
I wonder will I even gain weight, or maybe just soar throat -.-

I feel like sleeping in class you know, can't really concentrate, don't know why.
I feel like lying on the table, hugging my bag, and snoreee! ._.
I feel like .. starting form 3 life all over again ._.
Or maybe form 1's life .. I think it's the best year till now.

I cannot believe that I'm gonna turn 16 this year.
I don't even feel like a sixteen-year-old teenager.
I don't even think that it's gonna be a sweet sixteen for me.
I should just buy presents and celebrate myself lol.
I don't feel like growing up :(

I saw Hui Teng's cousin a few days ago in school.
Whoa!! She's like so super tall and wearing flats some more!!
Said Hi and Bye lol.

I think my brain is getting rustier.
Lack of vocab in 3 main language subjects.
I wanna key in the whole dictionary into my brain lah -.-

I'm lazy to reply messages in cbox.
You guys no need to leave comment or anything there la.
Let the cbox rot there, ROT !!


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