Sunday, January 4

The end of something ..

... is the beginning of another thing :(

Either look forward to it,
Or bear with it :D

Form 4 ain't a honeymoon year hor.
Some more there's so many smarties in my class now ._.
I can feel the stress already LOL.

Should just study last minute like I used to every year xD
Relax mah rite? :x

And "look blankly" (it's just my word) to whatever things that I should.

*I still miss my holidays :(
I'll post them up as memories lol.
Scroll down to see the post, I posted on the exact date.

*Sorry about the tags.
I'll reply them some day xD

This is something I took during Christmas Eve.
No tripod -.-
The small lights kinda looks like sperm to me LOL.

OH BOOKS! ... ish

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