Tuesday, January 20


Geeez, I feel like complaining a lot of stuff.
And I mean A LOT !@#^$^%$!@#^%$ !!


Okay, done complaining :)
It's just so easy what right?

Don't forget this too :)

And .. Just keep ALL the stuff to yourself.
I bet everyone will understand this better than me :)
Don't you like the misused of symbols? :)

Did I mention the homework we got?
I've not been watching TV lately liao lor :(
Talk about happy stuff okay? :)

I like listening to the Chinese New Year's song.
So nice, so lively, so .. holiday-ish.
And kinda reminds me that .. IT'S TIME TO RECEIVE ANGPAOS !!
And also all cousins meeting up and talkkkkk and eatttt and .. have fun !!

Met Mdm. Goh last Saturday I think.
The world is damn small lah, met her in market before and now the place where we ate dinner -_-
She was like sitting at the back of me steamboat-ing,
I didn't notice till my mom noticed her and me turning back and say hello -_-
Time fliessss!

and Vivian almost left for a week,
It's still weird not seeing her in class ._.
How's Batu 8 eh? Change back next year lah ;x

Add Maths homework calling me ..
Forcing me to go ....
Farewell :(

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