Friday, January 9


Sometimes I just feel like sleeping whole the whole day! Or maybe the whole week without doing and thinking about anything :) It's the best way to enjoy life right? Well, maybe can listen to some music, play some childish yet fun game, just simply start a fight with my brother :)

It'll be so fun right?

I have many things to say, but telling and typing with words ... it's just not my thing. I need to buy giant packets of snacks and stuff them into my mouth :/ I tried .. and they're SO SALTY -.-

and eww, just plainly eww. No need to know, no need to ask. It's just simple E-E-E-U-U !!
Such a eww thing to mention here. Maggots fagots, they don't link in any way, just leave it lah -.-

Off to bed!

Ps: I hate my boyf,

if you believe I have one ;)

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Phaelun said...

hello. interesting site :)
care to exchange links :)