Tuesday, November 18

6S (2005) 4th year of Class Gathering.

I think it's the fourth because they kinda had one after UPSR which I didn't attend :( Watched the video that they performed that time, well that dance was a memory! Oh the reminiscence! Lol.

Reached Quinnie's (the organizer) house super early, which is 3pm -_- the gathering starts at 5pm you see. Chatted a lot with Quinnie since we got nothing to do lol. It's a surprise that we still can talk a lot -_- We aren't that close during primary days :O

So yeah, people came one by one. Quite a lot of people came, lesser girls thou. Everybody kinda changed a lot -_- Grow taller, skinnier, prettier etc etc.. well normal la kan? :)

Watched 1/3 of Get Smart, started BBQ-ing, then eat while LISTENING TO VERY VERY COLD JOKES (there was THREE AIRCONDS there ; aircond = ppl who burst out cold jokes). Then kinda nothing to do for a few mins in the house, then karaoke session, not much people sang with the mic (everyone hesitated, but some of the boys can really sing @@), loadsa shouting and stuff.. Not bad :D

Went back at 10.30pm, everything was better than what I predicted hahaha. I thought it'll be those .. "nothing to talk" kind since I'm not in the same gang and stuff. Oh well ! :) Not much photos but never mind! :)

The food, there's more actually... Sotong, Fish, and more!!

Some of them failed :( Cancerous stuff @_@

Me, Qunnie, Valerie and Su-iaane :)
All from different secondary school :D

In a not so orangee place lol.
2 white 2 black!

Yi Jun in the middle!


Again! lol.

Saya, Su-iaane, Siaw Hui and
Sheng Choong (my hip-hop dance partner during std 6, SUPER TALL NOW!!)

Lastly, Shek Chen. (before going back)

Group photo in Shek Chen's camera so still needa wait for him to online -_-
Which I think it's gonna be some time. So have to wait.
Other people said bye and continue their partaaay, not much wanted to take photos @@
Oh well, that's all!

* I hate my camera -_- super blur in dark places without flash -_-
** and I hate flash too -_-

Year 2005.
Found this photo at Su Ping's blog! Lolol !!
The hip-hop group and okay i look dumb LOL!

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