Wednesday, November 12


.. SAY ITS NICE OR I'LL KILL YOU !! Lol. Just jk okay. :P

I kinda get bored with my old one .. I don't feel like changing it actually. But it really bores me by looking at the same old one. I guess that's was the longest skin I ever used till now :DD I'll miss you, shady the tree

For now, it's a new one. Maybe not as nice as the old one, but at least something new for me! :) Who knows I will change it back right? Heh.

It's raining! and .. good for sleep. :)


-JoJo- said...

It's.... Ahem.... It's... Urgh..... It's.... Aduh.... It's....

It's NICE :p

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

u gotta practice doing acc