Tuesday, November 11

Tuition classes

Started BM tuition yesterday, it was kinda weird and awkward. Oh well, people have friends there while I dont :P Why care lah, can concentrate more mah right? Lol.

While the tutor was asking some questions, she started calling names .. The girl who sat beside me had the totally same name as mine! I was like but different surname lah -____-;

Having Accounts tuition today. Wonder how will it be @_@ BM was hard enough already, pack with all the squiggy karangan! rawr!.

Don't know why I read Chinese novel faster than English ones =.=

Holiday's here, so my blog is going to be dead. Pray for outings.. Byeee!

} and I kinda removed my cbox already. don't know why, just got that feeling. Will put it back when I feel like replying tags. sorrreh guys! holiday is making me lazy. how am i gonna cope next yr? sigh ._.

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Anonymous said...

why start yr accounts tuition already? u sure u're entering art stream? or u mmg wanna take accounts? lol