Saturday, November 22

Ice skatingggg ._.

Zzz, like finally I went ice skating -.-
Both of the legs pain till I don't even recognize my father lol.
Forced cousin to skate :P Then only we can eat lunch.
Super ... torturing ._.

Went gasoline :O I like the F&B, not bad.
Then everywhere is full of Christmas-y deco alr!
Santa Claus is coming to town ~

My Winter Blue drink! :) Suits the Christmas feel :P

I forgot what this thing called. Crunchy and nice thou :9

Mushroooom soup! My all time fav-ed :)

Okay, so it's Red Christmas this yr ...

So, the red Clifford is happy too! :D (random)

Walk walk , buy some presents ..
Legs really gonna break into pieces ..
Then only we went home :D
As usual, I like taking random picts of clouds :P

Supeeerb kan? :P


I likey the street light stand o.o

Should be nice if only with the trees -.-

The SUN! :D

And the two skaters b4 I go home :)
& no we dont look alike wtf.

*Get to know some random skater in the ice ring.
** She was okay lah .. just a bit ... oh well, keep to myself :)

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