Sunday, November 23

Monehhh !

Was already supa tired after the ice skating thing, I still needa wake up early in the morning and follow parents all the way down to KL.

But kinda worth it :O Because I went there to take my reward thingie for getting good results .. LAST YEAR -.-

I wonder I still can get next year for my PMR results or not -.- Thinking abt it makes me feel like dying :D

Then, bought some accessories for a good price :D Happeh! :D

My effin eyebags @_@

My brotha!

Zzz, BLURRAY! -.-

Petaling Street!

Some random camera man and woman.
They're like shooting the scene in Petaling Street :O

Went to my friend's birthday party, kinda boring srsly.
Maybe we aren't that close, oh well :)

It's like raining on the other side and not on the other side -.-

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lolizzie said...

omgg those clouds are gorgeous and the food looks deliishhH!! :9