Tuesday, November 4


The whole trip was fun actually. I even bought tickets for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) on the 30th of Nov. Not to forget the famous cookies, Famous Amous. :DD and Aunty Anne! It was a full load of running around! :D

Until, SOMEONE, spoiled my whole mood {pfft!} Forget about that people. :)

Plus, the sky wasn't blue that day, it was all greyyyy and gloomy D: It started raining when we're done exploring the Skybridge. Sigh .. It's gonna be like a whole girl trip tooo. -__-" Boys and girls are separated into 2 different groups and the Chinese was even lesser already -__-" Oh well, still had fun thou :P

Holidays for form 3's started yesterday :O But I still gotta go back school on Thurs and Fri to help out some teachers and also confirm something with another teacher ._. There's like this angel andd devil in my head now. TO GO .. or NOT TO GO .. to the friggin holiday camp.

I feel like going 'cause it seems and sounds fun, and it's going to be a whole new experience for me, but, it's gonna be me, on my own ._. for 4 days and 3 nights! Anybody wanna join this with me? LOL. Suan lah -__-" I'll ... think about it first. 80% going lah D:

The 3's.

Retarded wtf.

Let's gooo!

Sorry about the dark pictures. I lazy edit liao ._.

My bank :P

The bridge!

These were the ONLY Chinese girls who went ._. One more holding the cam.
Different classes summore ._.

Blaaa :P

2 retards :P

This is lame :P


Ze reflection!

With the KLCC :)

See, the sky wasn't blue! Based on the boys, it was blue before but when we came out it's going to rain! Sheeeesh! Bad day :P

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