Sunday, November 16

Ah Koong Restaurant

I still dont know why they call it Ah Koong, because they aren't following the pin yin and stuff. Maybe it's another language. But, their fishballs are nice, that's what I know :P And the friggin laksa also (!!) I still remember the taste, filled with ... coconut smell lol. Srsly it's delicious! I food, so trust me! :9

Maybe she's posing or something :O

Yu Piu, I super this :P Oh and spot the laksa! It's YUMMY, very !

Some random crispy fu pei meat! Kinda salty :x

Ate for err, supper! :O Damn hungry now, feel like trying all the restaurant's food over my area here. There's like , UNCOUNTABLE shops .__. But the parking area sucks. Srsly, no offense.

I should really start exercising like .. now? Friends arent gonna recognize me next yr if I don't start now :P And friggin face is getting chubbier by day = fat. phfft. Any face slimming machine? Spare one pls?

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lolizzie said...

thanks for the tag =]
havent been here in a while, nice layout :D!!