Thursday, November 13

Flying insects!!

For once, I feel that the almighty Edison's (not Edison Chan okay) light bulb is a great invention lol. No electricity for 4 bloody hotcold hard hours, 11am - 3pm. Ohmaitian. Why can't they just repair at night? -____-

Yes, you read it. I SUPER DUPER HATEEEE FLYING INSECTS !! Just simply because they can fly {wtf!} I know it's dumb but theyyy can FLYYY !!!! -______-; This is getting meaningless.

I was about to go to sleep yesterday, then .. I heard some { ptzz ptzzz zzz } stupid buzzing sound. I know it's some flying thing already {wtf} & I'm ALL ARMED UP ! =.= Because it was flying so i don't know what shit it is T_______T

Wait, this sounds kiddy, but .. I am NOT afraid of any insects okay! Lol. I used to put lizard on my palm to show my neighbour wtf i know yucks kan? Who cares lah. It was half dead already :x No idea why .... heheheee ;x

My old house used to have cockroaches and rats too! Going around as if it's their home wtf. Everybody would just scream around and I'll continue to do what I'm doing. UNLESS ... THEY CAN FLY OKAY !! That's the only thing =.=

I closed each and every rooms' door to prevent it from flying in. Surprisingly I closed my room's last wtf. And when I do so, asdhfgasdhfgkooueyru?!!@#@&^%&$#$ The flying insect TERSEPIT in my door (!!!!) Like whatthefrog?!

Then dad came to open my door -__-; and that thing fell on floor -__-; and and .. my dad just kick it aside (?!!!?!!) I was friggin scared that thing will suddenly fly back and find me for revenge wtf think too much zzz. I don't feel like continuing this wtf. Sounds stupid -__-;;;

Just to remind myself, stay away from flying and biting insects (!)

* It was friggin BEE okay. It didn't look like one thou, but according to my dad it is lah. With some white thing coming out from its ... back? ass? sharp thing at the end? idk lah @@

}Stumbled upon this song - The truth that you leave

Try listening, quite nice ..
.. and I found the piano scoreeee! Muahaahaaa! =__=

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Ivan Girl said...

same here! I totally loathe and I'm even scared to death of flying roaches! they're so icky...iww...