Thursday, November 6

Just random

I'm posting this just for nothing :D It's mostly rubbish and stuff so this is a rubbish post! :D

I'm actually having a hard time choosing songs for diploma now. And if you wanna perfect them you need about 2 yrs time. but after 2 years it's like my spm. so.. i dont even know whether i got the time to perfect them or not. i dont feel like learning for so long and if the results are bad i will just waste my parents moneh. yes. im always lazy to practice and i know that but its hard to change ok! and i hate the laziness wth. nothing's easy ok! none of the songs are easy.. some of them are nice but i should just choose the songs based on what i can do right? everything is just moneh , time and the hardwork ! hardwork always pays off right? stop procrastinating and start practicing now! going to buy the books which cost about 100+ per book tomorrow in some shop in sg wang. i feel bad you know, whenever parents are paying so much just for the friggin diploma, the books, the fees, the exam fees, the time they wasted for these stuff. maybe i'll just dissapoint them in the end ...

sorry for all this crap. it's just a rubbish post. and yes, i dont feel happy now :|

*i will be normal tomorrow, after a big sleep! :D i miss the cookies :9
** and i dont know why i will smile and feel happy when i look at this 2 photos :P

maybe .. it's just the smile .. a real one :DD

i look kinda retarded here oh well :)

*** and maybe, i should just be grateful and appreciate what i have, not sometimes .. but always!

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