Thursday, November 13


Well for me lah. I told my brother not to ask but he did wtf. Why he so banyak hal one? -____-; I think he really got some issues with my maid wtf think too much again o.o

I mmg saw my maid keep a fried egg in a plate when I'm having lunch. Then when my brother came back, the egg disappeared! FRIED egg okay! Walao, later when my brother ask her what she's going to eat, she say she'll fry egg zzzz. SHE ALREADY FRIED ONE WUD!!

I wanted to find that egg, but it was gone. I 100% confirm she didn't eat that egg yet lor! Deng. Why she wanna keep the egg O.O then later she fry another for herself.. AGAIN ... Zhadou -____-||||

Then she told my brother she kept the egg in the tupperware and I really wonder why -_- She think egg is cheap isit?! Must note down how many eggs everyday already.

And she gives me the creeps now. Brrr.

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Xjion89 said...

Waaaaaaaaa, juz a few days din visit. Oredy big change woh(^^). haha, i like ur new theme (or else u will kill me). btw, wat happen to ur chatbox?