Sunday, November 30

Malaysian Philharmonic Ochestra

Had some random music school concert in the morning and went to KLCC for the MPO in the afternoon. Not bad thou, violist played super dramatic!! :D

Went for some mouth watering stuff in Sri Petaling's Sweet Bean :9
Sad thing is, getting fatter & FATTERR -.-
And as usual, I took photos of the sky ;)


The Orchestra Hall :O

And and, Shu Qiong :)

The ceiling :O

Super nice right? Like full of stars :O

I think Shu Qiong will kill me :) But I censored it ady okay? Heh.

This concert should wear formal and I cant find other long pants other than my jeans. Yeah, lame right? I know I know. I got my trackbottom, but no way wearing there right :/ So, had to wear ... skirt ._. And that super long skirt made my legs look so cacat -.-

Wooo, presents floating around.

Hello, Mr. Gingerbread man :)

Lip-less >:/
*and my eyes like got eyeliner! woots.

As usual :)

Sweet Bean :9

The Map lol. Somewhere near SMK Seri Saujana.

Naish warm colours :)

The mix-ed tong sui :9

WARNING !! Spamming photos of the sky! :P

and some of the colours are edited. :)

here campur there campur, made this look like some smoky thing! :O

Random building :)

Sepia-ed :O

Another sepia-ed. I like the feeling ._.

Edited the colours.

Variations of clouds. Fluffy and layerish :)

Random construction and trees.

Some bird flying across.

The coconut tree (?)

Looks familiar right? Haha.

Darker duller feel.

Going to be sunset very soon! :)

Random sky :)

Last but not least, me again! HAHA -.-

Dont know why I dont really look like myself yesterday -.- Oh well.
I'm still scared that I will left things out :/

About all the tags, I'll do them after I'm back from camp okay Eshin ? :)
Off to pack things now! :D

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