Tuesday, June 3

Almost died :O


Mood: Dizzzzzy Izzi -__-
Song: Thunder and Lighting ! :D

Yeap yeap. Seatbelts for the backseats human!
Hate that lor! Know why? Cos I like to sit in the middle :X
Enjoying the scenery in front!

Rain rain rain.
Heavy rain every afternoon!
Great eh? Cooooling :D *ahhh~* -.-

Me love rain sometimes.
Especially when the weather is HOT!!
Kay. Here's something important...




Yesterday, I almost died.
YES, D.I.E! Joking (?!) Nuooo.
Me ain't kidding.

Never try to write no matter what in the car with your safety belts on !*
(Ohkay. I know I'm dumb to write lah wtf.)
You see, there's this headache, like a sleeping volcano.
Like Mount. Fuji! :D She's still sleeping peacefully..
You can imagine when she suddenly went KABOOM !
And there goes the pretty vacation spot.

So.. My headache is just like M. Fuji!

Sleeping volcano headache + Writing in the car = KABOOM!

KABOOM ! = Me feeling very sick and suffering and almost died :D

Oh well. Nothing much more.
Really losing material to blog :)

Oh oh! And my cute bro :D
It's been a long time since he didn't take photo with me in the car D:
Sad sad. He's been sort of grounded at home for 3 months -.-
Cos of his PNEUMONIA :o
We do crazy things in car.......Fine.. Not so crazy -.-

And yes. People DO praise him cute more than me!! T_T
How sad. LOL! :P

I do think he look like a girl sometimes.
I love his eyes ._.

He's sad cos he will kena tortured by me very soon! MUAHAHA

Oh oh and... Did I mention I like to torture my bro ? >:) *grins
MUAHAHAHA ! omg i'm so evil :P

Ain't he cute? :D

Ignore me pls :)
That irritating braces ! *

I'm too evil to show my EVIL face! >:D

Told you I like torturing my brother :P
Oh well! BEWARE! MUAHAHAHAAAAA~~~~ *echo..... lol.

I'm out! :P

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Anonymous said...

heyzz..karmen oh..
yea lo..
2 chat box ohh...
u wear braces too..?