Sunday, June 22

The Dinner


Me likey the 1st photo. Yeah, that Eye on Malaysia thing. Eh, I wonder is it still there or not :X As you see, I'm kinda those can't really go out often people.. And I see there's no more news about this Eye on newspaper.. All too busy about politics ._.

Went out for dinner at about 6.30pm. Ohh, I miss those days me and my bro cycled around the neighbourhood. School started and all so busy.. No time for Exercising :P But got time for eating. So grow fat very fast! Tsk tsk tsk.

The sky :D

And there goes the photo taking session of the brother and sista in the car! :)

Still blur blur dei. -.-

Showing off my braces :P and bro scolding me dumb wtf T_T

Oh well, stupid peace sign -.-

AFTER a long long journey and a journey that wasted so much petrol oil... We finally reached our destination. And I present you..

Sorry, picture currently unavailable. :P

Ok.. So...while waiting for the arrival of grandparents.. Me and bro kinda take a walk outside ._.

Yes. I'm gonna jump down!! -.- omg fat ass -.-

Then my bro came out with this -..-
Let him zhadou.

Anyway... SAVE THE EARTH!!
Reduce all our rubbish! Anti-SAMPAH -.-

Woooo.. I drank this.. Believe or not? Lol :P

Was too hungry.. So, no food pictures.
Oh and did I mention, I have been to this Teak Kee Restaurant for like 10 times -.- Or less abit. I'm not sure.. The thing I'm sure is, whenever there's this celebration or dinner.. Most of the time it's gonna be in Teak Kee. -.-

Then took photos in the house of Grandparents :D
They have this BIG mirror in their living hall xD

Pls ignore the stupid finger of my bro -.-
And yes, I'm using stupid lame camera -.-

And...I present you..
The MOST RETARD-ish photo of the day!

Damn damn damn retard ok. -.-

So, gotta get on busy with life. Ciao!

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