Sunday, June 29

Random bah!


Oh hello! :D
I wonder who is reading anyway. D:

Who is this? o_O

It's HOTLINK man!! Wooo -.-
(me myself personally use Digi ok.)
((but no phone now wtf T_T))

Ok. Not funny...

Cousin's back! Oh wtf, he's already 180+ cm.
Even taller than my dad! Ugh!

Ok.. Blog was dead cos nothing to update.
Bah! Life is just so dead.

Act cute wtf ._.

Sad thing is...
It's like having exams every month! Gosh.

It's July next week.
Sch's giving tuition till 5pm.
And I feel lazy to go T_T
Let's see...

July- Having exams.
August- Piano exam & I think Trials.
September- Sch exam & Trials.
October- PMR.


Brush up my Maths leh T_T

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