Thursday, June 5

Italiannies ; Movies SUNWAY!


RM 2.70!!
I bet all the Malaysians know that.
None of my business? No. It IS my business -.-
& August, the price is going to follow the market price now.
No more controlled price.
How dead can it more be this year?!
08 suppose to be good mah. Adoi.
RISE RISE RISE ! Every things' price rising!
Maybe next time I just take my bicycle and cycle around like what I do every evening with my bro ( he just learned how and now forcing me cycle with him :X )

Ohwell, went Sunway :D
Finally! For two whole weeks.
Only one outing with friends - Angeline, Mr. Yellow :P HAHAHA (kritz) , Kentz . It was ohkay.
After reaching there I damn friggin hungry already.
But then, I don't know how on earth and WHO on earth decide wanna eat Italian food ah? Lol.
So, we ate that lah. In typical Italian Restaurant - Italiannies.

Miss Lee and Miss Angeline :D

Yeah yeah, who else :P

The pepperoni pizza :D

Taste good! :D

You wouldn't wanna know the size of that meat ball.

BIG GIANT PLATE OF spaghetti and meat balls -_-

Cute meat ball eh?

The whole thing wasn't bad actually.
But I think the boys ordered wrongly :X
Should have just ordered a plate for one :P
I don't feel like eating dinner till I was back home *BURP
The bill was like RM148 -__-;
Burned a BIG HOLE in my purse lor!
Sheesh! Lol.
RM33.60 for lunch ain't a good thing -.-

*behind the scenes...
Kentz wanted to act evil with the cherry that is a deco of his drink.
The whole eating process was a ROFLOLMAO!

One of his EVIL photos! Lol.
Walk, walk, shop, shop.
Didn't buy anything at first.
Head for movies then! :)

what happens in VEGAS

A 4.5/5 movie!!
It was great and friggin funny! :)
It's a MUST watch :P

It was raining cats and dogs and all in the zoo after the movies!
That's what I sent to my dad :P

Then, waited for my cousin to fetch me :X
Yeah, good luck for her exams on next Monday!
Sheesh, after the exams there's like...ONE MONTH holiday D:
and hope she find her ID card.

Hunted for Teacher's Day present in Memory Lane :X it's like over for 2 weeks already LOL.
and saw Father's day present which suits my dad I think ._.
Again, purse dead x_X

On the way back, the phone was like ringing...
Sms from dad - Petrol price up to 78 cents!
Cousin's phone rang - Cousin bro called lol. - Petrol price up!! RM 2.70

Big big jam heading back. Petrol stations full of cars.
Big impact to all the lorries and transportation vehicles, (which means all cars lah) -.-

Big car ; Small car
Small car ; Motorbike
Motorbike ; Bicycle
Go market/school ; Bicycle/walk

Good also. reduce pollution :X


Anonymous said...

yea lorr..
pain ar..
can drink poridge onli==
u wear for how long?
every month when i go tight the braces..
more pain..
pain until cant eat..
u also..?

iCalvyn said...

the petrol price rise, I am planning to take bicycle already... lol...