Friday, June 6

It's Friday


Ohkay. It's Friday. Nothing special.
Just a reminder here, teachers gave us some holiday work ya :X

It's time to buckle up! And start the whole new semester that is full of trials and exams. but i don't seem to like that (no one does -.-) worse of all, i don't think i hard enough this holiday. :D (which i should -.-)

and I believe a few ones in class did D: ohwell, i always take things for granted. and always last minute. I just don't learn from my mistakes. I am that stubborn. and a stubborn girl that doesn't know how to prioritize my time.

Bah, i think should stop all this fuss and go now. hopefully I will learn from my mistakes one day.
- the HARD way :(


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Anonymous said...

yea =)
the retainer need to put 6 months.
ur teeth vry nice after u take out the braces.