Saturday, June 14

I don't really like arts -.-


Yeah, today is Saturday.
And tomorrow is Sunday doh -.-
And also Father's Day.. Is it? o_O

My brother's sick...AGAIN!
Last time during Mother's Day and NOW Father's Day !
Sad for him ._.
School just started on the 1st week and he's falling sick AGAIN.

Oh yea, did I mention I almost feel like dying today?
(I think I feel like dying always -.-)
I said that I was chosen by don't know which teacher for this "poster drawing competition".
I don't really feel like going you see. MEMALUKAN myself only wtf T_T
I'm not good in drawing and so as drawing POSTERS!
Should I just go and skip school or..
Just do my best lah , since I cannot do anything other than that D:

Section 3 and 4 joining leh, don't know how many contestant o.O

It's gonna be dumb lah, the whole form 3 only 2 person going. Which is me and one person that i dont wanna mention >:( Why is he going anyway?! There's more people better than him in arts also mah.

Damn awkward lah I think when waiting for results.
No one to talk to, nothing to do to relax. Pfft.
And there's KH class on Tuesday! I'm gonna missed so much of the stuff teacher said :X

Tuesday man.
I think I should practice now..
Kinda waste of time you know, when I can practice my piano and other stuff :/
I think I won't have the chance to touch the paint brush after this competition lol.
Form 4 no arts already! Wonder it's a happy or sad thing ._.
Must wash hands with golden pot (cantonese call "Gam Pun Sai Sau") LOL :X

Here's a photo of Miss Lee and Miss Angeline again :P

&& This random photo of mine xD

Just bear with those stupid pose ok.
It was boring in the car.



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Anonymous said...

yeap. karmern.
holiday go sunway laaagoon lo.
y wan take photo for my new specs haha??