Monday, June 23

Monkey Crisis


Monkey on the LOOSE! oh how I wished it was MONEY instead of monKey ._.
And it ate the cake that it used to praying -.-
And enjoyed it on other people's rooftop -.-
Monkeys can be quite dangerous ok.
Especially WILD ones ._. not good not good.
Now..Here's the photos...

Looking at the future "lunch"

Now it's the present lunch -.-

Biting off the Plastic Tupperware

Bringing it to it's home I guess :P

Sorry for the bad qualities photo.
I zoomed too much and yeah, that's what you get :(

I think all this happen is because us humans lor. If we didn't demolished / destroy / chop down the trees in the hill or mountain or whatever you call it. Then, they won't loose their habitat and place to leave. Omg this sounds so environment lover-ish :P But it's kinda true. Our earth is gonna die soon! As an earthling, we should be responsible and save it!! And we won't buy this house if they never built it! Lol. Yeah, putting the blame on other people :P

And I wonder why my brother is so obsessed with POKEMONS -.-
WHY AH? -.- Cute? Nice? or... (?)

So yeah, damn tired! Gotta ciao!

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