Friday, June 13



I'm gonna start all the boring blabber of mine wtf. Yeah, so got all the results except some which is not so important but still important -.-

today is....

FRIDAY 13th!

Oh well whtevs.

KH I got highest in my class and I think the only A. Wtf so boastful -.- But Alfa there's another boy more geng -.- Oh well. And BM it wasn't that bad I think. But get B lah. :( Should read more ._.

Others I think not much important already. And I finally pass the present to my teacher when she fetch me to someone else house. Yeah, can say she helped my in some ways although some students don't really like her lah. Because of the way she talks sometimes.

Anyway, this whole week was full of laughter and sadness. Going to school doesn't seem so bad if you cut all the scary and studying part. Lol. (what's the use to go to school then) :P

And there's this motivational seminar. Jackson Ng ._. Yes or Yes. Yes or Yes. That is what I learned from him. :D

And today.

is ok lah. just when I'm enjoying life happily in class. Some form 2 prefect came in and just say I am in this ART COMPETITION -.-

I was like. Ok. This is dead. I'm going to Section 4 school next Tuesday. Drawing a poster with a title " HIDUP CEMERLANG TANPA DADAH " Oh great! (frowns) /._.\

Section 3 and 4 are joining this competition. GAHHHH! I feel like quitting wtf ._. 3 hours only. I normally spend *dont know how long* on a poster. I hate drawing ahhhh T_T

This is creepy. Drawing in a unfamiliar environment. It'll be spine chilling! Lol.
Ohwell. Wish me luck! :D

After school, when I walk to this primary school. It's like so hot. After reaching the bus, I found out that I lost my file's clip wtf. I just walk back and found my thing when I almost reach back my school wtf-.- damn hot and sweaty!

I wonder hor, the children now hor, no parents teach one ah? Or their parents doesn't know?

Only standard 4 or 5 or 6, keep saying bad words. Ok lah, I admit I got say last time.... OK Lah, so as now -.- But not as bad as them lah! They even sing it into a song wtf. But, none of my business lah. So didn't really feel like slapping them. I wonder if my bro say those words, especially the "hye", I will kill him I guess. LOL! :P

Damn irritating wtf.

Ok lah, finished all my crap. Next week will be a fun week I guess ;)

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Anonymous said...

wear vry long time.
hw was ur holiday?