Monday, June 2

Fahrenheit in KLCC ._.


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Song: Kong Que - Wu Jia Hui

Sadly weekends there's nothing exciting.
Well, maybe there is..... Only 1 or 2 I guess :)

Went KLCC, wanted to go bookfair but it isn't any time for it since I needa rush to OUG again for braces work T_T
So just hang and shop around.

"AHHHHH!!!" 5 secs. after 5 mins-"*SCREAMS!!!!* 5 secs ._.

So damn loud you know. Like people sitting roller coaster or stuff.
With full of curiousity, I went out, following the sound of screams!! ._.

It was Fahrenheit ._.
Chey :X
Not a big fan of them thou.
and their singing wasn't that good :X

But still. The crowd is like screaming all the way. Or should I say... Cheering? -__-;
Ok lor.. Fahrenheit... Arron Yan is shuai :D ._.
With the host Siaw Hui Min :) She's preeeetay! :P

Then, when they want to leave, Fans were like crazy fans :X
Ohmygosh, they hurried to the escalator and caused some bad damage :(
& I get to see Jiro Wang like...Face to face ._.
But the fans was like damn ganas ._.
Ahdoi. Got hands stretching out wanna touch them.
They were like stuck in the middle of the road with faces like :/
Here's some photos.
Sorry for the BAD QUALITY photos -.-
Forgot bring the camera out -_-;

Giving some speech and speaking BM ._. *fans SCREAMS!! (not me :P)
Wu Chun ; Arron Yan ; Calvin ; Jiro

With the host on the left :)

The crowd

Crowd again ._.

Believe or not. This is Jiro Wang's head ._.
Blur cos there was a lot of pushing and stuff.
So I just simply take and move away if not will be smashed :(

SEE ! Super FANS !! Damn geng lah ._.

I can't believe they can scream so loud lor.
Ok...Maybe fans do scream for their idol.
Idk how to scream actually :X Maybe I must learn :D -.-

Gees, braces damn tight now D:
Anw, holidays' gonna end...this week!!
So fast and yet I think I wasted it..sigh..

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