Friday, May 30

Sunsets rawks right? :P


Mood: Pissed
Song: Ma Que - Claire

I'm obsessed with suns! :]
Sunsets one, well sun rise also nice.
But no sun rising here :[
I really love the radiant! :]

By taking all these photos
You'll know that I have nothing more to do! ;3
So yeah! Enjoy although I know not that nice lah :X

I wonder whats that BUBBLE thing doing there ._.


See the radiant light? If you see it with sunglasses it'll be awesome! ;)


And nearer!

Alieeen! :/

The sun peeping out :)




And OUT! ._.

Yeah, I know. Lame lame lame -..-
Oh well, went for haircut ...

Before - during CNY




Yeah -..-
Not much different also.
I look dumb. I'm the sheep all along. LOL! :P
Maybe the angle problem :X Maybe before looks better... D:
Ok this sucks. Go find Eyemo! @_@
Whtevs. and I'm out!

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iCalvyn said...

sun rise or sun set?