Sunday, May 11

Finally! omg.


OMG >__>
I finally finish my 2 projects @@
Damn la. Next Wednesday exam start and I haven't touch a single thing.
Still need do this folio @@
My god. rawrrsszxx!

Damn hungry now .__.
Too much work.
Should go make hot that apple pie in the fridge. slurpsszzx! :D

I wonder the line really slow during early morning at 12am ka?
The TM-Nut slowmyx really SLOOW .__.

And now it's back to normal.
And I'm currently enjoying my apple pie.
Gosh. I knoooowww I'm fat ! :D
Heck care :P
Fat is cute right right? LOL.
Stupid excuse wtf.

Wonder how is bro now.
Alone in the hospital. Sigh...
Speeeedy recover laa!
How I miss the fight TALK we had.
Sigh... No crapping with him is so weird .__.

Done with my apple pie.
From Pick N' Brew one leh!
Delicious ! :P

It's lateearly already!
Gotta ciaos!

*studying whole day tomorrow :(
**and piano T_T

I feel like dyinggggg due to examsszzxx!

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