Wednesday, May 7

How to blog ah?


ever feel like being invisible?

Sigh.. I'm outta blogging materials.
Visitors are gone again.
Maybe there's something bad going on.
Who knows.

Ever felt like being invisible?
Where people can't see you and stuff.
Being transparent the whole day.

Without people caring you just for that day.
Will it be nice, fun or... Some how.. Lonely...?

Everything goes very complicated as we grow older.
Things just can't be as simple when we're small...
Or... These things used to be that complicated?
As we grow older and understand more... things that seemed nice before is turning uglier.

Who even cares that I wrote this post. Sigh..

I'm being tagged again.
But I won't do it this time.
Kinda lazy :X
Part of I don't feel like doing it now.
Next post! Heh!

Invisible fun eh?
Can play tricks on people and stuff. :D
But then, people won't know who are you...
Or, you are just a small fly in their eyes after all..
( Flies seems disgusting..and dirty..)
Dust then :D although it's still dirty :P

Ohkay lah. This is damn random.
Main point is I don't know how to blog already.
Who can teach ah? :P

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宝茹 said...

I think I know how you feel.