Thursday, May 29

Immature lil lady hmpf!


Mood: Mad ._.
Song: Rain drops - The rain ._.

Well, was surfing around
And found this video of this so called 21 years old immature young lady ._.

What had she done ?!
She scolded those victims in the SzeChuan earthquake.
Stupid lor!!
People die you still wanna scold ._.
Shame on her pfft!
She got caught by the shen yang polis :D
Serve her right!!
Is she even a Chinese ?! Sheesh!
No eye see :/


I wonder what's wrong with my line or what ._.
Nuffnang seems to load very slow and lag my whole thing o_O
I'm starting to hate SNAIL-myx ; SLOW-myx ; TM-NUT!!
Sheesh! :P
I'm off!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

heyz kar men.
of course i remember you ..=)
how's life..?
long time din see u on 9?..*
how u search my blog.?^^
take care.