Monday, May 26

I am going dead...


Ohkay. The clockwise and anti-clockwise thing.
It's actually different part of our brain functioning.
Clockwise- Right brain
Anti- Left brain

Some people can see two ways.
Some just stay in one :)
It's like changing the brain current. Then you can see 2 ways :D
So, I think some of you already knew it..


Sometimes I just forget how to blog.
Oh well. Here goes my weekend ._.
Saturday went for somesortahaircut ._.
Now I look dumb wtf.
Then went celebrating my Grandpa's birthday night @ forgot-the-restaurant-name ; still.. no pictures.
No one even bothers ._. All enjoying the food ;) Including mua.
Shiats happened again.
I lost my bracelet I guess.
Damn sad ohkay.....
Wonder where it went.. I was sure I'm wearing it till I'm back to the car. But I couldn't find it anywhere T_T

Sunday was a day I spend whole day in saloon ._.


Sometimes I just hate this.
Is it so hard to change someone's behavior?
He/she wasn't like that last time.
Why can't he/she just change for someone's sake.
I see it isn't that hard.
But why? That attitude sucks you know.
Hurting everyone that once loved you.
Making people suffer.
I also once hated that attitude. But... I'm just a small person.
Oh crap. I hate this... -.-


I see many people enjoying their holidays lor! :D
I bet it's gonna be a drop dead boring one for me.
Oh well. Must improve my piano this holiday! :)
Couldn't afford to fail :)

and the weather is so...!!

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