Friday, May 16



Haha. Very funny...

... as I expected

My Maths really can....NOT score A ._.

"...Wtf?! Maths is SO EASY leh! The easiest of all subject! No need memorize and just need use your brain! -.- "

Yeah... Brains like mine is slower than a snail... How to get good grades for Maths? Here's a reply to someone :D

I know I got 96% for Maths.. But it WAS last year, form 2. It doesn't mean I will like stay with that mark forever. Let's make a point, it's the PAST ._.

And I'm not the top student ._.
Maybe I am, but it's last year also ._.
... the PAST ._.

Oh how I wished I was back to last year now -.-

Sheesh. Actually, I just don't want to upset my parents.. Especially my Maths.. Both my parents are good in maths alright.. But me? Gawd.. Amazingly... BAD -.- Wonder what's wrong with my brain. Zzz. Or I just plainly don't understand.

Well, today paper 1, I guess there's quite an amount of careless mistake -.-!
Paper 2. I have nothing to say.
Hoping not to get C ._.
I never got one before.
Except KH you see. I failed that ._. 1st time ever with a pretty 25% :)
Monthly test though. Lol. Subjective some more x_X

So, die, die lah! :D
It's over anyway >_>

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