Sunday, May 4

Nuffnang is so pissed off with my attitude :D


I THINK Nufffnang hates me.
Because Nuffnang is making me flunk my History.

Therefore, Nuffnang is a PISSER !

My linking skills is damn bad.
Very bad.
Super bad.
Worst ever!

But I still love Nuffnang.
Right ? right? :P


Back to the point..

Sometimes I just hate studying.
Especially history.
What for studying dead stuff?
My life isn't dead enough is it?

Making notes is the part I hate...
Studying them and memorizing those dead things is more dead.

Mid-year exam coming soon.
Must do better than that Ujian Setara...

Blogging seems no point ._.
Life is already boring + Blog boring stuff = BORED TO DEATH ._.
Why so many "dead" words o_O

Life should be LIVELY what..
Happiness, Joy, Love, Fun, Laughter!

and smile with JOY!
Like this :D

Tighten braces yesterday already!
Guess what, I saw someone being robbed.
Omg. Near Citrus Park and Central Market there.
Or you can say, KFC ._.
Or Sim and Hooi dental ._.
I just saw a Malay guy suddenly hopped on a motorbike and bounce bounce and vroom!
I thought it was some fool playing around.
Just in front of my mom's car leh!
Then, my mom said got people chasing him ._.
2 man and 1 lady.
Maybe she's just got robbed (?)

Anw. teeth now damn pain cannot talk.
Quite thick wire had been changed to THICKER wire.
Wtf so great right? :D

I was so lazy to study and I went taking photos of this cute food!

This is called SUN CAKE!
Eat it and you will feel sunny! :)

Nice box right right?

The packaging! :)

Even got this sticker ._.
Ok. Not cute lor!

Then here's some sunset view from my neighbourhood!
Damn nice right? :D

It's going to be the end of the world!!! AHH~

Ok. This post is randomly random.
You see!
I've been writing too much notes.
Till I'm going @@

I'm gonna be like this...

.... and do my notes ._.


izzat said...

wow.. so nice view from your neighbourhood! Nice pics!

Kritz said...

of course nice la, its literally the top of a mountain. rich eh :D

宝茹 said...

Yummy~~ I like sun cakes~~ bought a lot of them before. :D