Friday, May 2

Meaningless very funny post -.-


Today is a very funny day!
Get it? Very funny.

( Friend A would say: Where got funny? Nobody laugh also.)
*Me giving a -.- look

Fine then.
But don't know since when everybody started the "very funny" disease.

Friend K: I cannot find my pencil liao lah. No need to draw poster liao! Yay!
Friend K's dad heard that. and said... "Very funny"
Friend K stunted.
Because, I'm the one who always say VERY FUNNY in class until everybody is fed up with me -.-
Even my parents some sort scolded me because I kept saying that.

Well, guess what....
I saw this while reading the newspaper...








Yeah. City of very funny! LOL!

It supposed to be City of Fun in Singapore.
But this editor which is not very good in English
Mispronounced it as City of Very Funny! :D

Everybody is influenced by me!
Yeah right -.-
"Very funny"...

Ohkay. Stop the very funny thing. which is not funny -.-
I'm getting irritated by myself already ._.


Why people like to smoke?
That's my question to all smokers.

Is it REALLY that nice to smoke?

Adoi. The smoke smell very nice one ar?

Or when you suck in the smoke very syiok!?

Or very yeng?


Aiyah. Nevermind.
Thank god, Guan Yin Ma, etc etc that my parents don't smoke.
Or else I think I will die. LOL!

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SJ said...

I'm didn't smoke more than 10 times in a year. So, don't blame me :P

Why people like to smoke?
-They don't like it. They need it.

Is it REALLY that nice to smoke?
-Not really

Adoi, the smoke smell very nice one ar?
-Every brand got different smell. Normally the low cost smell like shit because inside there more paper than tobacco.

Or when you suck in the smoke very syiok!?
-If you smoking at open air places is oK.

Or very yeng?
-When i young (Secondary School) i think like that. But not now!